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Free Chemical Coil Cleaning Offer

Air Conditioning Keighley

Expert Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning Engineers

We provide a full, comprehensive range of air conditioning services in Keighley. With more than 25 years of experience behind us, our heating and cooling engineers are able to provide an unrivalled service which encompasses everything from air conditioning installation to a routine service and maintenance.Keeping this comprehensive range of services in-house enables us to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for many years to come.

With our help, you get:

  • Air Conditioning System
    A More Efficient Air Conditioning System
  • Clearer Cooler Air
    Cooler Air
  • High Operating Costs
    Optimal Running Costs
  • More frequent breakdowns
    Far Fewer Expensive Breakdowns

Air Conditioning Services In Blackburn


Preventative air conditioning servicing is the easiest and most economical way to maximise the operational lifespan of your unit, saving you from potentially expensive repairs and extensive downtime. Our in-house heating and cooling engineers can regularly inspect your unit with routine services, ensuring that it’s operating at maximum efficiency so that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. What’s more, these routine services also give us an opportunity to spot and fix any potential or emerging issues with your system, so that we can deal with them before they become serious problems.

Blackburn Air Conditioning Maintenance


Modern air conditioning systems are highly sophisticated and complex systems, which means that there’s a lot of ways that poorly-maintained units can go wrong. It might be in the form of a leaking filter, or a strange smell being blown into your premises. Perhaps it’s just not being as effective as it normally is. Whatever the nature of the issue, you can trust us to have the right technical knowledge and specialist skills to identify, diagnose and resolve any issues. In short, if you’re looking for air conditioning repair services in Keighley, you can be sure that Askews is the right company for you.


If you have an air conditioning system with a collective cooling capacity of (or greater than) 12kW, we can also help you to ensure that you’re fulfilling your compliance obligations with accredited TM44 inspections in Keighley. That way, you can have complete peace of mind in a system that functions safely, effectively and efficiently.

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2002 – the prevailing legislation which governs TM44 inspections – every air conditioning system of 12kW must be inspected at regular intervals, at least every 5 years. (This encompasses single large-scale units with an output of 12kW, and individual units which together reach or exceed 12kW.) This is to encourage system owners to keep their carbon emissions low and promote energy efficiency, saving on operating costs.

TM44 is the prevailing UK guidance used to judge the efficiency of air conditioning units. It’s primarily concerned with systems that use refrigerants to produce cooling.


Key benefits of TM44 inspections for your business include
  • Improving efficiency, potentially lowering your operating costs
  • Cutting your carbon emissions
  • Identifying emerging issues and opportunities for preventative
  • maintenance, saving you unnecessary expense and downtime further down the line
  • Improving your controls and settings
  • Remedying technical flaws

At Askews, our team of heating, cooling and ventilation engineers in Keighley include specialist TM44 inspectors. With more than two decades of experience, you can count on us to keep your air conditioning system in perfect condition.

Free Chemical Coil Cleaning

Free Chemical Coil Cleaning

Control your work or home temperature with ease!

We’re running a brand new fantastic special offer here at Askews – our engineers are performing a completely free chemical coil clean for any new customers taking out a service agreement with us on their air conditioning units. What’s more, we’re not charging any callout fees on any reactive callout for new customers in the BB, BL, PR, WN and OL postcodes.

* Applies to any new customers taking out a service agreement for their air conditioning. No call-out fee for new customers with BB postcodes when reporting a reactive call-out.

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