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Free Chemical Coil Cleaning Offer

Air Conditioning Leeds

Expert Commercial & Industrial Air Conditioning Services in Leeds

Our professional heating and cooling engineers at Askews are trained to an expertly high standard, making them well-equipped in terms of both knowledge and proficiency to handle any and all air conditioning systems in Leeds. Ultimately, this means that Askews is able to offer a full range of air conditioning services, including routine service and maintenance contracts and full air conditioning installations. Throughout every job, we keep our focus on diligence, efficiency and flawless customer service.

With our help, you get:

  • Air Conditioning System
    A More Efficient Air Conditioning System
  • Clearer Cooler Air
    Cooler Air
  • High Operating Costs
    Optimal Running Costs
  • More frequent breakdowns
    Far Fewer Expensive Breakdowns

Air Conditioning Services In Blackburn

Over 25 years in business helps us to deliver quality air conditioning services in Leeds

Air conditioning units are complex systems, and unless they’re given the right care and attention, a lot can go wrong. That doesn’t mean it’s instantly disastrous – but a very common scenario is that a minor fault makes it gradually less effective over time, not only making you and your staff less comfortable but also potentially costing you hundreds in energy bills over the course of the year. We aim to help you avoid all that with our routine service and maintenance contracts. Our experts will assess, diagnose and rectify any existing issues with your system, as well as pre-emptively dealing with any developing ones, so that you can be assured of the continued smooth operation of your unit for a long time to come.

Blackburn Air Conditioning Maintenance

Protect your unit with air conditioning maintenance in Leeds

Often, it’s not difficult to tell when your air conditioning unit is developing a fault. Any sort of unexplained noises – whether it’s creaking, groaning or clanking – or odd, suspicious smells are frequently signs of trouble, which can include blocked filters or mould growth within your ducting. Thankfully, Askews engineers are both well-trained and well-equipped to deal with almost any potential problem and restore your unit to normal operation. If you need air conditioning maintenance services in Leeds, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Free Chemical Coil Cleaning

Accredited TM44 Inspections in Leeds

If you have an air conditioning system with a collective cooling capacity of (or greater than) 12kW, our experts can also help you to ensure that you’re fulfilling your compliance obligations with TM44 inspections in Leeds, so that you can have complete peace of mind that your system is functioning efficiently.

Air conditioning systems over 12kW are subject to the Energy Performance of Building Directive 2002, a European Directive which was brought into reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency. This still applies after Brexit, and under its terms, every air conditioning system over 12kW should be inspected at regular intervals, at least every 5 years. (This applies both to single large-scale units with an output of 12kW, and to individual units which together reach or exceed 12kW.)

The accepted guidance in the UK for judging the efficiency of these air conditioning units is referred to as TM44, and it primarily focuses on systems that use refrigerants to produce cooling.

Some of the key benefits of TM44 inspections include:

  • Improving efficiency, potentially lowering your operating costs
  • Cutting your carbon emissions
  • Identifying emerging issues and opportunities for preventative maintenance, saving you unnecessary expense and downtime further down the line
  • Improving your controls and settings
  • Remedying technical flaws

Our heating and cooling engineers in Leeds are fully accredited TM44 inspectors. We have 25 years of experience behind us, making us the perfect people to help keep your air conditioning in top condition.

Free Chemical Coil Cleaning

Control your work or home temperature with ease!

Act fast to take advantage of a fantastic special offer we’re running right now at Askews – our engineers are performing a completely free chemical coil clean for any new customers taking out a service agreement with us on their air conditioning units. Meanwhile, we won’t charge a callout fee on any reactive callout for new customers in the BB, BL, PR, WN and OL postcodes.

* Applies to any new customers taking out a service agreement for their air conditioning. No call-out fee for new customers with BB postcodes when reporting a reactive call-out.

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