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5 reasons why now is a great time to get your air con repaired

With the weather quickly heating up, your air conditioning system is likely to see a lot more use in the following weeks – so now is an ideal time to get your air conditioning repaired! Here, we explain in a little more detail why now is a great time for a tune-up, as well as a few more signs that your air conditioning unit may already be in need of repair!

Summers are warmer and the air con must stay strong

The last thing you need is a poorly performing air conditioning unit in hotter weather, especially during the warmest summer months. It’s harder to get a quick repair completed in the summer when older AC units are overworked, creating a glut of repairs needed all within a few short weeks.

Although we’re now well into spring, by getting poorly performing AC units checked and repaired ahead of the summer, your office will be prepared to keep the temperature at a manageable level. This way, staff can ignore the heat outside and focus on their work.

The air doesn’t smell or taste right

If your employees are noticing that the air is stuffier or “just doesn’t seem right” then it’s a solid indicator that one or more air conditioning units need repairing.

It could be that a part has broken and it’s impacting the performance of the system. Perhaps an internal fan blade has broken off and it is rattling inside? Whatever the cause, the sooner you get the air con repaired, the sooner the air will be more pleasant to breathe.

People seem sickly when the air conditioning is on

We’ve covered Sick Building Syndrome recently before. It describes a condition where the health of the building and its building materials can cause people to become sick.

Building materials sometimes prove unsafe and need to be removed. For instance, ceiling tiles can pick up bacteria because they’re past their useful life and should have been replaced already. These types of things can spread through air particles that contain the bacteria.

illness in work

By getting your air conditioning units repaired or serviced, the heating and cooling system can ably filter out most of the contaminants nearby. This makes the building healthier than it would otherwise be until other changes can be put in place.

Odd noises or weird smells from the air con vents

Air conditioning units tend to sound a certain way. Even when they’re turned up full or set to a lower temperature, they tend to have a consistent audible sound. However, when there are other sounds coming from a unit that weren’t happening before, they most certainly need a repair. We can help with this!

Another indicator is unusual odours emanating from a unit or its ducting. This might mean the ducting has accumulated mould. The mould will be spreading bacteria in the air which could be harmful. If this is the case, it’s wise to book a repair immediately. Waiting around too long could make people ill!

Operating costs continue to increase while use hasn’t

The energy efficiency of your air conditioning system should stay consistent over time. If you notice that your electricity bill has been rising steadily, which you attribute to the use of the AC, and yet it’s being used the same amount of time, it’s not a bad idea to consider getting the unit looked at. Before you do, though, it’s a good idea to make sure that the temperature setting or fan speed haven’t been adjusted to cooler and faster, which would artificially boost the electricity usage.

If that’s not the case, you can count on our friendly engineers to help. We have over 25 years of experience behind us here at Askews, so you can count on our heating, ventilation and cooling engineers to efficiently diagnose the problem, and find the best solution. Click here for a free quote, or give us a call on 01282 863825.

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