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Askews Help Raise £30,000 For Pendleside Hospice

You may have seen from our blog last week that on Sunday the 10th of September, Askews sponsored the Burnley Colour Dash, the first event of its kind in Burnley. All proceeds went to Pendleside Hospice, who organised the event, and we’re very proud to say the totals exceeded £30,000, making it an enormously successful weekend! 30 Askews staff were in attendance at the event itself, both running the course and throwing paint around – here’s a bit of detail on how it all went.

Our Green Initiatives

It was an early start for the team here at Askews, especially considering it was a Sunday; we were up at Thompson Park to set up by 9am! Our team quickly got to work putting up awnings, speakers and scaffolding. Music was obviously essential to keep up the spirits of the runners, while the scaffolding gave us a good vantage point to shower them with green paint.

As you can see from the images, we made sure we had the proper equipment, too, showing that same attitude that every one of our heating and cooling engineers dedicates to each air conditioning installation – that is, always come prepared! We had several ball launchers, which is something the dog owners amongst you might recognise. Essentially it’s a short scoop on the end of a long, flexible handle, so we could freely fling around clumps of paint without worrying about them building up too much velocity, as well as small plastic bottles we used to basically squirt anyone who came by. It’s no wonder everyone on the stand all said they had such a fantastic time.

Running For Great Causes

colour run

That’s not to say anyone on the track had any less fun, either! You’ll know this if you read last week’s blog, but the Burnley Colour Dash isn’t a race as such, and everyone’s free to complete it in their own time. Most of the runners did the course at a steady jog, with shouts of encouragement from people at the various stands dotted along the track. There were 15 members of Askews staff running, amongst an estimated 1500 people, all of whom finished the course in various states of blue, green, red and yellow, not to mention various other colours and combinations.

We did have one very minor hiccup. One of our staff members took his van to get washed before the event, but made the mistake of parking just a little too close to the action. He returned later in the afternoon to find one side of his normally white van absolutely covered in green paint. Luckily it washed off again just as easily, just as it did from everyone who ran the Colour Dash.

“The event was absolutely brilliant.” said Jonathan Williams, Askews Service Manager. “The start of it was like a festival atmosphere – minus the beer – with paint going everywhere and people dancing and having fun. The weather just managed to hold off until we’d finished, but we got a soaking while packing up!”

We’ve been honoured to help such a charitable cause here at Askews, especially with such a huge amount having been raised. It’s also not the only charitable activity we’ve been busy with recently, but we’re still keeping our focus on providing expert heating and cooling services to you, our customers.

Each of our experts is fully committed to keeping your air conditioning systems running at peak efficiency and effectiveness, which we do through regular service and maintenance. You can contact us on 01282 863 825 to arrange an appointment, or alternatively click here for a free quote.

Many thanks goes to Daryl Fraser from Lancashire PA Hire for lending us the sound system. (

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