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the benefits that air conditioning can offer your home

The Benefits That Air Conditioning Can Offer Your Office

Air conditioning has been around for just over a century now, and it’s had plenty of time to advance over the course of history. Modern air conditioning units provide a range of benefits for businesses and homeowners alike – we’re all especially grateful for it in the summer months, but it can actually offer some surprising benefits in the winter, too.

Staying In The Cool Club

air conditioning unit

One of the things that makes air conditioning so attractive to businesses is the level of control it offers us. We don’t live in a country known for its excellent weather, and miserable temperatures in the winter can be offset by surprisingly high levels of heat once summer comes around. Air conditioning units can allow you to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature in your office all year round, so that you’re not having to alternate between reaching for the blankets and the handheld fans.

Another much-underrated benefit of air conditioning units is their ability to purify the atmosphere in your office. Modern units not only cool the air, but cleanse it by removing pollutants as they do so, improving the quality of air in your office. Amongst the things it catches are smoke particles, unpleasant smells and even allergy-causing mites.

Windows Of Opportunity

using home conditioing

Air conditioning units also mean that you can keep all the windows in your office shut, even in the summer. This stops any insects or other small creatures making their way into your office. What’s more, closing your windows lets you shut out external noise pollution from traffic or motorways, which can be especially problematic if you live in a busy urban area where offices are situated. Meanwhile, modern air conditioning units can operate almost completely silently, allowing you the same beautiful breeze that the windows may have let in, but with none of the associated unwanted elements.

Closed windows and doors also pay dividends when it comes to  security – it can be uncomfortable working if it is too hot, so many of us have been known to leave windows open to cool the room down so we can work comfortably. Unfortunately, open windows are often interpreted as open invitations by thieves, who sometimes take the opportunity to help themselves. Burglaries and other ‘sneak-in’ crimes are known to rise in the summertime, and this is often speculated to be the cause. In this sense, having an air conditioning system can actually increase the security of your office by denying potential intruders opportunities like these; you can keep your office secure while still sacrificing none of the interior comfort to do so.

Even in winter, there are no shortage of advantages that air conditioning can offer your office. In order to help it continue providing them, though, it’s important not to forget the importance of regular maintenance, as a dirty or inefficient unit can even have the opposite effect. At Askews we also offer a range of other services covering an array of air conditioning or heating solutions. For more information, or if you’d like any help or advice, don’t hesitate to call us on 01282 863825.

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