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case study fixing blocked air conditioning systems

Case Study: Fixing Blocked Air Conditioning Systems

Providing a quality service to all our customers is a top priority here at Askews, and we take nothing for granted even during standard checks. During a routine examination of the air conditioning systems of one of our clients, we uncovered a minor issue with their air filters. We rectified it easily, saving the client money and hassle in the long run and allowing them to continue enjoying all the benefits that their system provides.

Blocked Air Filters On Air Conditioning Systems

When we came to perform a routine air conditioning system service and maintenance, we found that the main issue was to do with the filters, which had become sucked out of position and were therefore blocked. The air filters are a major component of any air conditioning system, to the extent that most problems with heating and cooling systems are a direct result of issues with the filters. In this particular case, the filters had come to rest on the cooling coil, potentially blocking the coil itself.

blocked air conditioning filter

Our expert heating engineers fixed the problem by delicately moving them back to their correct position and checking there were no further obstructions to the cooling coil, thereby ensuring the continued smooth functioning of the unit. You can often spot problems with your own air filters by staying alert for any odd or unpleasant smells (which could be an indicator of impure air) or looking out for dirt on the fan blade, which is a common symptom of the filters not doing their job correctly.

Common Consequences Of Malfunctioning Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioning control

One of the most obvious consequences of a malfunctioning system is drastically reduced efficiency. The air conditioning unit has to work harder in order to maintain its normal level of output, which often directly contributes to a rise in your electricity bills. An official estimate has indicated that a clogged filter can result in a usage of up to 15% more energy, translating to a very tangible impact on your finances.

In terms of effects on the unit itself, a reduced efficiency naturally results in a reduced air flow, lessening its effectiveness at keeping areas cool. However, it also means that in many cases, it also affects the ability of the unit to purify the air it processes. Instead, it can actually blow collected dust or even particles of mould directly into the atmosphere, having a noticeably negative effect on human health. In this case, the cooling coil was also potentially affected. The cooling coil, as its name suggests, is the part of the system that actively manages the temperature of the air. If it’s blocked the condensation it collects will typically freeze, which in turn means that the air the unit then blows into the atmosphere won’t be cool.

Keeping Your Air Con Well Maintained

 air conditioning engineer

The potential for your air conditioning unit to become more expensive, less effective and even potentially harmful to your health are all good reasons why you should always ensure that your system is well-maintained. It’s worth pointing that these problems are rarely hard to spot, either, so you shouldn’t worry about them too much. You’ll usually be able to tell by frequent casual inspections of your unit, while more pressing issues will present themselves simply by increased temperatures or odd odours, so it’s unlikely they’ll fly under your radar.

In this case, the issues were uncovered during a quick routine maintenance, which we provide as part of our core services at Askews. All it takes is for one of our air conditioning experts to take a quick look at your system to make sure it’s functioning correctly, and you can have total piece of mind that your air con unit is completely safe, efficient and effective. To book one of these appointments, you can get a free quote or call us on 01282 863 825.

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