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Four great ways to save energy for your business this winter

Rising energy bills are an annoying but sadly inevitable part of dealing with the British winter – but the good news is that there are some ways you can take the edge off them for your business. Here at Askews, we have decades of experience in heating and air conditioning systems, so you can trust us to know a thing or two about shaving some costs off your winter energy bills! Here are some of the biggest you can benefit from this winter.

Seal your property against draughts

It’s typically not cheap to heat commercial premises, which means it can be galling to end up losing heat through the gaps around windows and under doors. It’s always worth considering whether you can have your premises professionally draught proofed, which can ultimately net you some serious savings. On the other hand, as a stopgap measure you can always try and do the job yourself, simply using window tape seal and door brush strips affixed to the bottom of external doors.

Lower your thermostat

It sounds obvious, but you might be surprised at how infrequently it’s the first resort for a lot of businesses! According to Energy UK, the average home could save £85 a year simply by turning the thermostat down by one degree, so imagine what it could do for your business! It’s also worth reviewing the times that your heating comes on each day, so that you ensure that it’s only really on when it’s most effective. If your staff comprises any travelling salespeople for example, it’s a good idea to schedule for the heating to come on when you know they’re all in the office, so that the maximum number of people benefit.

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Don’t leave equipment on standby

This is especially important if you work in a traditional office, which can be some of the worst culprits for leaving computers, printers and other types of equipment on standby. The Energy Saving Trust says that average households can save about £30 a year by doing this, so again those savings can be scaled up when applied to businesses. You may even want to consider getting standby saver plugs, which will automatically power down any appliances that aren’t being used – helpful if you’ve got a few forgetful employees!

Choose only energy efficient appliances

Depending on your industry or sector, you can easily save yourself hundreds or even thousands of pounds in costs with energy efficient appliances. If your business is in catering for example, it may well be worth thinking about upgrading to a fridge with a better energy rating. Energy ratings run from G (the lowest) all the way up to A+++, which is the very highest. The Energy Saving Trust says that using a fridge freezer with an A+++ rating can save you £250 and 640kg of CO2 over its lifetime. And if you’re using multiple fridges, those energy savings can quickly start to really stack up!

And as a final tip, it never hurts to have the heating and air conditioning systems of your premises inspected on a regular basis, helping to catch any developing problems in their infancy and therefore helping save you a lot of money and hassle further down the line. That’s a service we’re proud to offer right here at Askews, and we have over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry, delivering quality services for clients just like you. You can click here for a free quote on air conditioning maintenance, or call us on 01282 863 825!

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