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How Often Does An Air Conditioning System Need To Be Serviced?

Modern air conditioning systems are generally built to a high standard, and can be relied upon to give you many years of reliable service before they need to be overhauled or replaced completely. However, in order to guarantee this service, it’s important to ensure that your system regularly gets routine service and maintenance. Exactly how often this should be done is sometimes seen as a matter of some debate, so in this week’s blog we’re making it our mission to clean up any misunderstandings.

The Timescale Involved

how often does my air conditioner need to be serviced

Air conditioners are complex systems, and their continued operation depends on the smooth running of a lot of different parts. There are filters, coils and fins that all need to be checked, as well as refrigerant levels and delivery systems. These require professional attention, as a layman’s expertise generally isn’t enough to judge the effectiveness of the system.

Specific maintenance schedules can differ between each individual air conditioning system, depending on its average workload and output. At the bare minimum, you should have yours inspected, serviced and cleaned professionally at least once a year. This is usually done in the spring, but there’s nothing barring it from being done in the colder months, either! However, differences between the type of refrigerant in each air conditioning systems might necessitate that they should be maintained once every six months, or even as frequently as three.

Reasons To Keep Your Air Conditioning System Well-Maintained

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One of the foremost factors for many of our clients is cost. Inspections and preventative service calls pay for themselves through improved energy efficiency throughout the rest of the year, helping you to save money on bills and extend the long-term lifespan of your unit. Without them, on the other hand, efficiency can drop dramatically, which means that it’s not only more expensive for you but is more uncomfortable in the meantime, too.

Then it’s worth considering what will happen if it gets to the point that the components fail, causing the system to break down completely. This not only causes you hassle to fix, but is almost always comparatively expensive; far more than it would have cost to take out a regular air conditioning service and maintenance contract. When it comes to air conditioning systems, that old adage still applies: prevention is always better than cure!

As a final note from us here at Askews, it’s definitely a good idea to periodically turn on your air conditioning (even if only briefly) during winter, too. This might seem counterintuitive, but extended periods of inactivity can cause mould and mildew to build up in the system. That’s never a pleasant surprise when you come to turn it back on in the warmer months!

The good news is that arranging to get your air conditioning system regular attention from the experts isn’t tricky to do – in fact, if you’re reading this it means you’re halfway there already! Here at Askews, there’s almost nothing our heating and cooling engineers don’t know about air conditioning, making our service and maintenance services invaluable to our clients. You can get a free quote, or just give us a call on 01282 863 825, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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