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How You Can Save On Your Air Conditioning Running Costs

Your finances are an ever-present concern no matter your industry, and we understand that when it comes to installing air conditioning systems, potential cost is a factor. However, we’ve got some good news on that front; there are a couple of easy steps you can take to help you save bits and pieces on your costs. Altogether, these measures can help you make significant savings on your energy bills. After all, as the popular saying goes: every little helps.

Optimising The Usage

turn off air conditioning

The tip we’re going to start off with is actually one of the most obvious ones, and applicable over the widest range of sectors. If your air conditioning system is installed purely for human comfort, make sure that it’s turned off when there’s no one around to benefit from it. It’s an easy mistake to leave an air conditioning system incorrectly programmed so that it’s running constantly, which could very quickly lead to increased, unnecessary extra costs on your energy bills.

Meanwhile, when it is in active use it’s a good plan to make sure that it’s only cooling the air as much as it needs to. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll ideally want the temperature as high as you can stand (when your system is solely used for human comfort). We’ve previously talked about the optimal office temperature, so you may want to use this as a rough guide when deciding on the baseline settings.

Keeping Up With Seasonal Changes

the right temperature for environment

Of course, if your air conditioning system is being used in manufacturing or catering as temperature control, its minimum setting will be less flexible. However, if it’s being used in a retail store, for example, an excessively cold environment risks driving your customers away, while one that’s too warm can do likewise, both of which can effectively cost you money. Therefore, cautious and strategic use of your air conditioning system can save you money both in energy costs and potentially lost sales.

Obviously, closing windows is the first step to ensuring that you’re getting the best out of your air conditioning system – otherwise your valuable cool will simply flow straight outside, only minimally affecting indoor temperature. It’s also a good idea to check your building or office to make sure that it’s properly insulated, and there are no cracks or damaged sections that could be leaking cool air out into the wider world.

Maximising Efficiency Through Service And Maintenance

air conditioning engineer

At Askews, we frequently highlight the importance of regular service and maintenance of your air conditioning system, but trust us – there are a lot of good reasons! There are lots of downsides to an inefficient air conditioning system, but one of the chief ones is that the system has to use higher amounts of energy just to maintain normal levels of output. That has an immediate and noticeable impact on your energy bills. For many of our clients, a vast majority of issues with high energy bills are a direct result of an inefficient or ill-maintained system.

Our expert heating and cooling engineers at Askews have peerless expertise when it comes to air conditioning systems. A regular service and maintenance contract works out to increased efficiency, reliability and ultimately cost-effectiveness of your system.

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