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How Your Company Benefits From A Service & Maintenance Contract

Whatever your industry, service contracts have a lot to offer your business. Not only can they provide immediate cost savings in a variety of ways, but they can give you peace of mind as issues are addressed – and even help guard against the possibility of others developing in future.

Quick And Reliable Service From A Trustworthy Source

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When you have problems with your air conditioning, it’s only natural that you want the issue solved quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost professionalism. The working day is frantic enough without having to hurriedly research local air conditioning engineers and then take a risk on them. Instead wouldn’t it make more sense to entrust the job to a company you already have an established relationship with?

When you take out a service and maintenance contract with us at Askews, we have a vested interest in providing you with a quality, reliable service. When you’re in a rush to get something sorted, every second can count. You can be sure that we’ll arrive when we say we will, and with the right tools and attitude to handle the problem.

Service Contracts Save On Costs

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There’s nothing worse than calling out an engineer in a panic, only to find that – for one reason or another – the repairs weren’t actually needed. This can be due to misunderstandings, simple oversights, or just a matter of the problem apparently fixing itself. The engineers on your doorstep will still charge you a callout fee, though – and if you’ve never been a customer of theirs before, the amount can sometimes be a nasty shock.

On the other hand, if their services were actually required, the most severe of failures with your air conditioning system can sometimes be the most expensive to fix, especially if the repair is just a one-off. On the other hand, a service contract involves regular maintenance of your equipment, which guarantees its efficiency. Not only does this save you costs on repairs, but an inefficient system can be costly in itself, as it has to use more energy to try and do the same task. This can quickly drive up the costs of your energy bills.

Service And Maintenance Contracts Can Prevent Problems Before They Occur

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Put simply, service and maintenance contracts can save you a lot of stress and money. Regular maintenance can catch developing issues before they develop into serious faults. This extends the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment, and helps you to avoid an emergency situation where it suddenly fails entirely. If you work in manufacturing, food processing or a similar industry whose output is dependent on effective temperature control, such emergencies can even temporarily suspend your business, potentially costing you vast sums of money.

A routine service and maintenance contract carried out by Askews guards against this sort of possibility, and gives you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on running your business. At Askews, our heating and air conditioning engineers operate at the highest standards of quality and efficiency, so we can guarantee the consistent quality of our services. Click here to get a free quote, or call us on 01282 863 825. We’re here to help!

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