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is air conditioning for your office worth the cost

Is Air Conditioning For Your Office Worth The Cost?

It can sometimes be a tough choice wondering whether to get air con for your office. The financial cost is sometimes a bit unnerving – but having said that, something that’s too cheap can be similarly disconcerting for something as vital as an air conditioning system. Besides, air conditioning systems have myriad advantages that they can offer your workplace.

The Essence Of Efficiency In Air Conditioning

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When it comes to air conditioning units, efficiency is a vital factor that should never be overlooked. There are no shortage of stories about expensive systems that do very little to actually cool their environments, but in fact a lot of these inefficiencies can be traced back to lack of proper maintenance. If a central air conditioning unit is partially blocked or otherwise not functioning properly, you inevitably have to turn it up in order to get the room to normal comfort levels. This ultimately means that it’s working twice as hard and burning twice as much energy with no added benefit for you, resulting in nasty surprises on your office energy bills. This is just one reason why proper service and maintenance is crucial to the continued smooth function of your air conditioning unit, and you may well find that as long as it’s working correctly, the benefits it provides to your workplace are well worth the initial cost.

Better For The Environment And Employee Productivity

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As we’ve touched upon, an efficient, clean air conditioning unit will typically burn far less energy than a substandard one, which means that as long as you consider your decision carefully you’ll end up burning fewer fossil fuels, both protecting your pocket and the planet. High efficiency units also allow you to exercise finer control over humidity levels, which ensures better air flow and a more regulated temperature. In turn, this helps fight impurities and precludes the formation of mould within the unit.

Air conditioning units are frequently credited with improving the air quality of the buildings in which they’re installed, which is always good news for employers. Purer air means a lower rate of infections and illnesses amongst, which not only saves employers on lost earnings, but is also undeniably more pleasant for those who don’t have to battle through the illnesses in question.

Productivity is also a major consideration, as temperature is a proven factor in the productivity of employees. Uncomfortable levels of heat, especially in the summer, can result in drowsiness or other symptoms, which distracts employees from their work and therefore makes them less productive. Air conditioning can help mitigate these factors, ensuring continued comfort and therefore continued high levels of productivity.

At Askews, we pride ourselves on consistently finding cost effective heating and cooling systems for our customers. Our highly trained engineers will always assess your business’s needs before recommending and installing a system, so that you can get the maximum value from your air conditioning system. We’ll never install one that’s impractical for your needs, meaning that you won’t spend any more money than necessary on your system. You can click here to get a free quote, or call us on 01282 863825, and we’ll be happy to advise.

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