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What’s The Lifespan Of An Air Conditioning System?

When it comes to air conditioning systems, it’s only natural that you want to get value out of yours – especially if it’s critical to the smooth running of other parts of your business. So it’s a question we frequently hear at Askews: how long will my air conditioning system last? Well, unfortunately, it’s not got a straightforward answer; there are lots of factors that can affect the lifespan of individual systems. But the good news is that we’re about to cover them in detail below! On average, a well-maintained system is likely to give you at least ten to fifteen years of service, but let’s see what factors can lengthen or shorten that period.

The Period Of Run Time Per Day Of Air Conditioning Systems

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One of the most obvious factors affecting the lifespan of your air conditioning system is how long it has to work each day. Systems that can afford to run for slightly shorter periods aren’t going to be as quick to suffer from the eventual effects of wear and tear, and might be slower to show the symptoms when they do. Air conditioners that are running for longer hours, however, are generally going to have shorter lifespans. If the system is tasked with the responsibility of keeping a certain space permanently cool – for example in catering settings – this will obviously reach the end of its working life considerably sooner.

Proximity Of The Air Con System To Corrosive Particles Or Contaminants

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Once again this is likely to be more apt in some cases than others – say for example, the manufacturing industry – but the presence of any corrosive elements will accelerate wear and tear on the air conditioning system’s components, causing it to wear out faster.

The Size Of Your Air Conditioning System

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The size and capabilities of the air conditioning system can have more of an effect on its performance than you might first think. Cycling (the process of stopping and starting) can place more pressure on oversized systems; the components take a little longer to lubricate themselves, and it puts additional pressure on components like the compressor during the startup period.

Meanwhile, a system that’s undersized ties into a lot of what we were saying about run times above. In order to achieve and maintain the specified temperature that might easily be maintained by a larger system, a smaller system will have to work doubly hard during the startup period to reach that temperature, and then put itself under continuous pressure to maintain it. This makes them far less efficient than larger systems, and liable to burn out faster. It’s just one reason why it’s essential to choose the correct system for the job at the point of installation.

Whether Your Air Conditioning System Is Being Maintained

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This is the final – and arguably one of the most important – points we have to make. Regular maintenance of your system is essential to maximising its lifespan, and there’s no one better to do it than us here at Askews. With the expertise and dedication of our engineers, the average air conditioning system can last around 15 years. Again, remember that number is subject to variation – but whatever the specifics of your system, that doesn’t change the fact that service and maintenance will always be a crucial consideration.

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