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Keep An Eye Out: Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair feature image

Keep An Eye Out: Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

Your air conditioning unit is a complex system, which means that even small problems could lead to much bigger issues – and therefore much bigger costs – further down the line. Here are some key warning signs of faults that could mean your air conditioning unit needs professional attention.

The Air Isn’t As Cold

Adjusting temperature of air conditioning

One of the most obvious signs of a fault, you may find that the air your unit produces just isn’t as cold as it used to be, even if it’s at full blast. This could be due to a number of factors, such as the compressor failing, or that the internal fluid’s levels are too low. Another likely cause is that the fan can be blocked, or cease working quite as effectively. Over time debris can clog your air conditioning vents, not only obstructing the airflow but also presenting a health risk to people working or living around it. These problems are all best solved by a professional, rather than risking doing them yourself.

Moisture Where There Shouldn’t Be

keeping out moisture from air conditioning unit

This is another serious sign of a fault, as any leakage at all around your system can be a sign of problems. Water pools around your air conditioning unit might indicate that the drain tube – which usually disposes of condensation – is blocked or otherwise broken. Leaking water or ice forming on the unit can quite quickly lead to more serious problems, and attempting to scrape the ice off yourself can be very dangerous. Once again, it’s best to leave this job to a professional.

Odd Temperatures, Strange Sounds Or Smells

Checking the air conditioning

Uneven temperatures can be explained by a number of factors, but if some parts of your home are getting cool air while others are not, the problem could be with your ductwork. Keeping this clean is an integral part of ensuring your unit’s continuing function, so if they’re getting blocked regularly it might signify a larger problem with your system.

There’s not an awful lot of explaining that needs to go into the other two, as we’re all generally good at making the connection between odd sounds and smells and much wider problems. Grinding, grating or squealing sounds are especially worrying ones, and could indicate an immediate and very serious problem with your system, so it’s vital to make sure that this is seen to sooner rather than later. Amongst the chief causes for strange smells, meanwhile, can be that there is mould somewhere inside your unit, or that the wire insulation has been burned out. This last one can be particularly dangerous, so would need immediate attention.

Other Causes

Broken air conditioning

There are a few other things to look out for – most of us keep a very close eye on our bills anyway, but if you suddenly find that yours are skyrocketing for no particular reason, it could be a strong indication of inefficiency in your air conditioning unit. Regular air conditioning maintenance is a must regardless – generally, twelve months is the maximum you should be leaving between appointments. Meanwhile, if you find you’re having to call out technicians at a significantly higher rate than that, it might be better to replace your unit entirely.

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