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Smart Heating For Businesses – Could A Smart Thermostat Save Your Business Money?

Smart thermostats and other smart heating technologies are becoming ever more popular for homeowners here in the UK. Somewhat predictably, the question for many business owners is – are they viable for offices? In short, yes! Smart heating solutions have a number of advantages for businesses, and as heating, cooling and ventilation specialists here at Askews, this week on the blog we’re answering some of the most common questions about it.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Basically, smart thermostats are the latest advancement in heating and cooling technology. We all know that heating our homes and offices is by far the biggest maintenance expense of winter, so smart, programmable thermostats are designed to help you keep your building as energy efficient as possible by allowing you to control your heating and cooling systems through the use of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

There are several different types of smart thermostats on the market, from various different vendors, which means that many of them have separate capabilities. Amongst these, they can be programmed to show you how much heating you’re using, or set to monitor your usage and learn when the office is active (this has its own advantages, which we’ll get to in a second). Some can even control your hot water!

smartphone control

What Are The Advantages Of Smart Thermostats For Offices?

Well, there are plenty! As you might have guessed, though, the main benefits are that they can help you to make significant savings on your energy bills, while having the added bonus of making your workplace more energy efficient at the same time.

You can switch it on when you’re on your way in first thing in the morning, and turn it off after the workday without having to get back out of your car. As we touched upon above, you can even sidestep all that by specifically informing it of your normal working hours (and those of your employees), helping it to heat up or cool the office to a comfortable and productive temperature before your employees arrive, while cutting down on any wasted energy it might otherwise consume after they leave. If you want it to, certain smart heating solutions can even track you via GPS, allowing them to know with absolute certainty whether you’re in the office or not, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

What’s more, you can programme them to adjust to certain seasons or conditions at certain times of year, such as excess humidity in summer or chilly temperatures in winter. Given the option, some smart thermostats will try and consistently lower the temperature by just one or two degrees – not necessarily enough for you to notice, but enough for you to save perhaps hundreds on your energy bills each year. And that leads us neatly onto…

How Much Will A Smart Thermostat Save You On Your Energy Bill?

energy bills

That’s the million dollar question! Or, to be more accurate… predictions on how much money you’ll save can vary depending on who you ask (and of course, depending on your usage). Lower estimates range somewhere around the £150-180 mark, while higher ones can estimate as much as the £300-340 mark. While the results are highly variable, for many business owners it’s certainly worth a look!

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems are something of a speciality of ours here at Askews. Having been in the business for 30 years, we know a thing or two about air conditioning systems, and the secrets of keeping them running efficiently. Above all else, regular service and maintenance can help stop most problems in their tracks before they even arise – book yours today by giving us a call on 01282 863825, or click here for a free quote.

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