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The main types of asthma threats for adults

Asthma is a highly unpleasant and potentially dangerous respiratory condition whose symptoms include difficulties in breathing, coughing, and a characteristic wheezing noise as vital oxygen makes its way down restricted airways. Often associated with childhood, it is in fact very common in adults too. Sometimes, this is a naturally occurring condition, but it can also be induced by outside factors, and can be worsened by elements such as faulty air conditioning. Whilst medication can help to control the occurrence of asthma symptoms, it’s essential to understand the three main types of asthma for adults and know what positive steps you can take to make an asthma attack less likely.

1. Seasonal asthma

Asthma can strike at any time of year, but all people who suffer from the condition know that there are times of the year when they are more prone to attack: weeks that are particularly hot or particularly cold. This means it’s a real threat during both summer and winter months, and seasonal asthma sufferers only have the condition during these periods. Heat and cold are common triggers of this condition, but so is pollen, which is usually airborne during warmer weeks so people who suffer from hay fever may also find that their asthma is aggravated too. If you have seasonal asthma look out for the pollen index reading on weather forecasts, and on days when it’s particularly high you may want to limit your time spent outside or in rural areas. This is another reason to have your air conditioning unit regularly serviced, as pollen is one of the many contaminants that can be circulated by a faulty system.

2. Adult-onset asthma

Asthma isn’t merely a condition that affects children. In fact, studies show that over four million adults (around one in 12 of the adult population) have asthma in the UK. Some will have continued asthma from their childhood into adulthood, but others will have first encountered symptoms when fully grown, meaning that they have adult onset asthma. If you notice asthma-like symptoms appearing for the first time, it’s wise to involve a medical professional as soon as possible, as they’ll be able to prescribe medicine that you’ll need to take on a daily basis. They’ll also be able to help find the reason for your adult-onset asthma, and these can include allergies, smoking or other health conditions. Environmental factors are also a major cause, particularly in a work environment where we spend lots of time.

3. Occupational asthma

Occupational asthma is one of the most common forms of the condition found in adults, whether they work in an office, factory or construction environment. Signs of occupational asthma include red, sore eyes (or conjunctivitis), difficulty sleeping, or symptoms that disappear at weekends or during holidays Workplaces should do all they can to alleviate potential causes of occupational asthma, including dust and airborne pollutants. That’s why having a well-maintained, functioning air conditioning unit can not only make the workplace a cooler and more pleasant environment, but also make it a healthier one where the asthma threat is reduced. To look at how you can install one, or to book a scheduled air conditioning maintenance check, you can get a free quote, or give us a call on 01282 863 825. We’re here to help!

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