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What Is The Optimum Temperature For An Office?

It’s a familiar question for all of us – no matter our industries – and frequently asked in offices the world over. What’s more, everyone seems to have a different opinion on it! This week on the blog at Askews, we’re finally revealing the answer, and why air conditioning is a vital measure in achieving it

Why Is Thermal Comfort Important In Offices?

air conditioned office environment

Air conditioning systems in offices are key to maintaining thermal comfort; a term that refers to whether an employee wearing a normal amount of clothing feels neither too cold nor too warm. That might sound obvious, but thermal comfort isn’t regarded as a particular priority for many employers. In fact, it’s crucial to effective productivity; workers who are distracted by being uncomfortable due to varying temperatures have been almost universally found to be less productive by numerous scientific studies. High temperatures are a good example, and one we all become familiar with once summertime rolls around – being too hot can make you feel sluggish, affecting your brain’s processing speed and impacting on the amount of work you do. It’s also been shown that employees who are already stressed – whether because of work or factors in their personal life – are even more sensitive to outside elements like temperature, making it even harder for them to concentrate.

The Optimum Office Temperature

adjusting temperature to 21 degrees

After several high-profile studies on the subject, the ideal office temperature was found to be 21-22oC. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Goldilocks temperature’ – not too hot, not too cold, but just right. The findings state that temperatures above 23oC and above steadily decrease your productivity. At above 30oC, your productivity drops by as much as 10%, although to be brutally honest we’re unlikely to have that problem often here in Britain. Effective air conditioning and heating systems are vital to maintaining control over these temperatures, maximising the productivity of your employees and ensuring that you get the most from each working day. It’s worth noting that depending on how many people your office holds, you might be unable to find a temperature that keeps everyone happy all the time. However, keeping it within this general range will prevent it from leaning too far one way or the other, staving off the negative effects on productivity that usually come with the more extreme hot or cold temperatures.

As a final tip – when outdoor temperatures are higher, it’s advisable to keep the temperature reasonably close to those outside, so that your employees aren’t experiencing extreme temperature shifts when they walk in and out of work. The human body can be quite sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. While there’s no scientific evidence to say that rapid temperature shifts can actually make someone ill, our bodies are sensitive enough that we may find ourselves experiencing temporary symptoms as a result, which is an equally undesirable scenario.

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