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Ventilation Systems

Provide a fresh atmosphere with ventilation from Askews

With many modern buildings tightly sealed to avoid heat loss, there is a lack of natural openings, which seriously reduces natural ventilation.

Buildings also have more people and computer equipment inside than ever before.

Lack of ventilation can lead to:

  • Condensation build up, causing mould growth
  • Lack of fresh air, causing health problems

Problems such as low humidity levels and too much dust, pollen and bacterial spores can be eased by correct ventilation.

30 years’ experience installing high-quality ventilation systems

Askews offers a huge range bespoke high-performance ventilation systems, designed and installed to comply with modern building regulations, eliminating problems associated with poor ventilation.

Askews offers a range of innovative ventilation solutions designed to prevent any potential health issues and create a fresh atmosphere.

Fitting the latest state of the art ventilation systems will remove the effects of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’.

Ventilation types:

  • Heat recovery ventilation – Recovers room heat whilst providing ventilation.
  • Air handling systems – Provides both ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Ductwork – Designed to suit the current heating, ventilation and air conditioning.