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Air Conditioning Can Boost Productivity In Schools, Colleges And Council Buildings

Council buildings and schools are amongst the many institutions that can hugely benefit from air conditioning systems. Research has shown that uncomfortable levels of heat or humidity can have a negative effect on concentration and productivity. Air conditioning units can help ensure a smooth flow of air throughout the building, helping reduce discomfort and thereby improve productivity.

Amongst the other bonuses that air conditioning has to offer include clearing pollutants from the air, helping purify it and slowing the spread of bugs or illnesses throughout classrooms or offices. It also means that windows can remain closed, shutting out traffic noise or other potentially distracting sounds.

Askews Are The Experts In Providing Air Con Services Across The North West

We’re trusted to provide a premium service for air conditioning systems to local councils and schools in locations throughout Lancashire and the North West. With over 25 years of experience behind us, Askews provide assistance with new projects and maintenance contracts alike. We operate using certified heating engineers and specialist installers to fit your air conditioning system, and we don’t outsource any of our jobs – meaning that our qualified experts can guarantee you an excellent service every time. From the installation of plumbing and heating to all aspects of air conditioning and ventilation – we offer it all.

Health, Hygiene And Cost – Just A Few Reasons To Service Your Air Conditioning System

Maintenance is essential to the continued operation of air conditioning systems in councils and schools. There are a number of reasons for this, and one such reason is cost; if an air conditioning system is poorly maintained it often quickly becomes inefficient, meaning that it burns more energy attempting to do the same task. This can quickly result in a significant – and very unwelcome – upswing in your energy bills. Another reason is to do with health. Poorly maintained systems can sometimes end up housing mould or bacteria, which can pose a health risk to staff or students.

However, thankfully these problems can be prevented early as long as the system is properly maintained by a qualified Askews engineer. We offer this maintenance as part of our core services, and we’re only too happy to provide it.