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Air Conditioning Units Are Vital To Leisure Centre Operations

Leisure centres have a particularly acute need for effective air conditioning units installed in their buildings, as by definition many of their customers are raising their body heat just by using their services. Without effective air conditioning units, leisure centres may decrease customer loyalty and revenue in best case scenarios, while in the worst cases they may even risk the health of those who remain (due to dehydration and other temperature-based illnesses). Meanwhile, customers who are there for less intensive reasons – such as using swimming pools – will also be affected by uncomfortable temperatures and humidity, which could lead them to seek out the facilities of competitors instead.

For these reasons and others, it’s vital that leisure centres have effective air conditioning units installed. The end result means increased customer comfort, satisfaction and safety, which in turn provides greater revenue and a better public image for the leisure centre in question.

Safety Is A Priority For When It Comes To Air Conditioning

Temperature and humidity control is a similarly pivotal factor in hospitality, as it not only affects the level of comfort in rooms, but can frequently have a major impact on food hygiene. Exercising control over this is a vital factor in successful, safe food preparation, which makes a smoothly functioning air conditioning system a vital addition to any hospitality environment.

Askews Provide Leading Industry Expertise In Air Conditioning

Over the past two decades of operation, Askews has built up a formidable reputation as a leading supplier of air conditioning services to the leisure and hospitality industry in locations across Lancashire and the North West. Using specialist installers and certified heating engineers, we provide nationwide service to major restaurant chains; we are the experts when it comes to kitchen extraction and large scale heating and ventilation. We also work with numerous leisure centres and swimming pools, creating ideal temperature and humidity levels for all your customers.

Servicing And Maintenance Of Air Con Units Is Always Essential

The importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated when it comes to air conditioning, especially in the leisure and hospitality sectors. Inefficient or poorly maintained systems can become home to mould or other unhygienic substances, which are then in danger of being dispersed into the air by the system. This can have a particularly severe impact on the health of those in the vicinity, as well as those who eat any food prepared in the affected area. What’s more, an inefficient system will use more energy for the same task, potentially making it more costly.

At Askews, we pride ourselves on offering service and maintenance as part of our core services. Our heating experts take great pains to ensure that you’re always getting the best out of your air conditioning system.