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How To Tell If Your Air Conditioning Was Incorrectly Installed

Where your air conditioning system is concerned, correct installation is absolutely vital. Without the proper care and expertise, a malfunctioning or substandard system could open you up to a whole realm of problems; including increased energy costs and reduced effectiveness of your air conditioning. This week, we run you through some easy ways to tell if your aircon has been incorrectly installed.

Strange Noises From Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you’re hearing a clattering, grinding, whistling or clanking from your air con unit, it’s one of the more obvious signs that not everything might be working as it should. These sounds can be especially intense when it’s starting itself up, or when it’s running at full blast. It can be an indicator of a loose screw or bracket that needs to be tightened, or it might be a signifier of something more serious. At Askews, we’d recommend you stay on the safe side and switch your system off if these noises are loud enough to be audible – keeping it running might well run the risk of severely damaging your air conditioning unit.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

This is another major sign of an incorrectly installed air conditioning unit; it often revolves around your ductwork, and is frequently evident fairly soon after installation. If your ductwork is poorly installed or otherwise damaged, it can result in parts of your workplace not being cooled efficiently, which can quickly end up costing you money in energy bills. To put this in perspective, some estimates reckon that poor ductwork can end up wasting up to as much as 30% of conditioned air. They can also cause humidity and rot inside the system, which can potentially contaminate the air that is being blown out.

Qualified heating and cooling engineers from Askews will always ensure that your ductwork is intact and doing its job as it should do, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your system.

Slow Response Times Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit is slow to get going, it’s likely to be because of an imbalance in refrigerant charge – in other words, your conditioner is using too much or too little refrigerant. Air conditioning systems generally require quite precise amounts in order to work smoothly; too little can cause it to be ineffective and inefficient, while unnecessarily wearing the compressor. Too much, on the other hand, can cause incorrect pressures and “slugging”, which also puts severe pressure on the compressor.

At Askews, our expert engineers always double-check the refrigerant charge during the installation, so that guarantee with utter confidence that your system works at maximum capacity.

Your Outdoor Unit Is Damaged Or Not Working Properly

This problem is almost always due to incorrect placement of the condenser unit. Condensers need a certain amount of space around them in order to properly disperse the collected heat – and they also need to be clear enough from roofs to avoid water, sleet or snow running directly off the roof and onto them. Professional, responsible contractors like our engineers at Askews will use their judgement to ensure that the condenser has the requisite amount of distance around it in order to do its job effectively. We can also carry out emergency repairs or services on damaged condensers if so required.

At Askews, we take your comfort and wellbeing very seriously – especially with the rising summer heat levels. Now that the mercury is rising, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your system is working to its full capabilities. We’re here to help! You can click here to find out more about our service and maintenance contracts, or alternatively you can simply request a free quote today! If you have any questions or you need to organise an immediate repair, we’re always available on 01282 863 825.

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