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Control your work or home temperature with ease

Air conditioning is becoming increasingly important for comfort in modern society.

With comfortable working temperatures proven to increase productivity, employers understand that high working temperatures equate to reductions in worker performance.

Many homeowners are also beginning to see air conditioning as an essential part of their home, ideal for maintaining comfort in the summer months.

High quality, cost effective, eco-friendly air conditioning

To ensure the very best air conditioning system, suited to your specific needs, Askews works hard to ensure you get a practical, cost effective, energy efficient air conditioning solution.

Askews can provide temperature control for any purpose – such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and computer rooms.

It takes a lot of experience and technical know-how to provide comfort, safe and hospitable temperatures.

It also takes an experienced company to plan the air conditioning logistics for busy working environments such as supermarkets, restaurants and factories.

Askews technical expertise is unparalleled, stemming from years of dedication to gaining knowledge and staying ahead of any developments, both from a technical and a legislative point of view.