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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Systems

Control your work or home temperature with ease

Air conditioning is becoming increasingly important for comfort in modern society. In recent years, air conditioning systems have rapidly become standard for private, commercial and public service environments alike – and with good reason, since they’re able to offer a number of tangible benefits.

For example, consumers are more likely to spend more time (and more money) in retail spaces they find more comfortable, and temperature-controlled commercial environments are shown to have a marked effect on employee performance and morale too.

With comfortable working temperatures proven to increase productivity, employers understand that excessively high working temperatures equate to reductions in worker performance.

Many homeowners are also beginning to see air conditioning as an essential part of their home, ideal for maintaining comfort in the summer months.

All this goes some way towards explaining the risking uptake of air conditioning installations for businesses across a range of sectors, and making air con service and maintenance a similarly key priority.

That’s where we can help here at Askews. In fact, they’re key examples of the core air conditioning service we provide, especially since a preventative air conditioning maintenance plan can help reduce the overall amount you spend on air con repair.


To ensure the very best air conditioning system, suited to your specific needs, Askews works hard to ensure you get a practical, cost effective, energy efficient air conditioning solution.

With over 25 years of expertise behind us, our accreditations include the relevant F-Gas and Gas Safe qualifications, as well as those from the Building Engineering Services Association. We are also registered as an accredited installer of Mitsubishi air conditioning systems.

This means Askews can provide air con servicing and temperature control for any purpose – such as offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and computer rooms.

The qualifications we hold enable us to quickly identify and resolve any problems with your systems, enabling us to guarantee a high standard of air conditioning repair.

It takes a lot of experience and technical know-how to provide comfort, safe and hospitable temperatures.

It also takes an experienced company to plan the air conditioning logistics for busy working environments such as supermarkets, restaurants and factories.
Askews technical expertise is unparalleled, stemming from years of dedication to gaining knowledge and staying ahead of any developments, both from a technical and a legislative point of view.


Over two decades of experience (and counting) has given us the necessary skills and expertise with a wide range of systems, allowing us to guarantee a high standard of air conditioning service to every one of our customers. Examples of these systems include:

Single split system air conditioning

This is generally the most affordable type of air conditioning system, and provides heating and cooling to individual rooms. This makes it a popular choice for SMEs and small commercial buildings. They’re generally the most straightforward to handle in terms of air con servicing and repair.

Multi split system air conditioning

As the name suggests, these work in exactly the same way to single split air conditioning, but the biggest difference is that they allow multiple indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit. This makes them the preferred choice for bigger environments like restaurants, offices, doctors’ surgeries and shops. They’re notably more complex, which can sometimes complicate air con repair jobs.

VRF (or VRV) air conditioning

These systems are often regarded as the most efficient and reliable choice for larger buildings, including hotels, mixed use buildings and retail spaces. VRV is short for Variable Refrigerant Volume, and is used by Daikin, the company which originally developed the technology. It then trademarked the term to stop it from being used for Mitsubishi air conditioning systems and those by similar brands, so everyone else calls it Variable Refrigerant Flow instead.