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Manufacturing & Food Processing

Promoting Health And Safety With Air Conditioning Units

Temperature control is a vital factor in the industrial and food processing industries. Neglecting it can have serious consequences and immediate consequences on health and safety. Excess temperature and humidity are perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria, which can have a severely negative impact on food hygiene, while lack of temperature control can also have an adverse effect on many other industrial processes.

Askews Are The Undisputed Experts When It Comes To Air Conditioning

Air conditioning and other services provided by Askews qualified heating engineers ensure ventilation quality, good hygiene and that health and safety standards are maintained. We’ve been installing air conditioning systems for over 25 years in locations across Lancashire and the North West of England. Using our vast experience and specialist installers, we develop bespoke maintenance packages and design specialist refrigeration processes for all our clients. Askews’ customers include companies from the nuclear industry along with food processing plants providing for national supermarket chains.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is A Must For Health And Safety Standards

We’ve already noted the threats to health that impure air can pose to manufacturing and food processing environments, and this remains true with improperly maintained air conditioning systems. Under certain conditions, such systems can quickly become home to mould and other unhygienic substances, which can then get dispersed into the air by the damaged system – defeating much of the point in having it! At Askews, we’re proud to provide servicing and maintenance packages as part of our core services, ensuring that your air conditioning unit is running efficiently, effectively and safely at all times.