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Air Conditioning Encourages Customers To Stay On Your Shop Floor

Air conditioning plays a crucial role in maintaining customer comfort, which in turn is vital to the shopping experience. If potential buyers feel uncomfortable on your shop floor, they may not stay long enough to make a purchase, thereby costing you business. Good air con helps to prevent this by circulating the air throughout your shop, preventing it from becoming too warm or stale. This also has a measurable effect on your staff – studies show that employees who are physically uncomfortable or unhappy at work are demonstrably less productive, which can again have a potentially negative impact on your bottom line. For these reasons alone, it’s important to invest in a good air conditioning system for your retail outlet.

Askews Are Unmatched In Air Conditioning Expertise

At Askews, we fit air conditioning systems at shops and retail outlets across Lancashire and the North West, and have been doing so for over 25 years. We use highly qualified engineers and specialist installers when fitting your air conditioning system. None of our jobs are outsourced; every one of our certified experts is trained and employed in-house, so that we can guarantee quality and professionalism to you, the customer.

Air Conditioning Maintenance For Retail Outlets

Service and maintenance is an essential consideration with your air conditioning system, especially in retail. A lack of maintenance can lead to a number of problems, the most notable of which can pose health risks for you, your customers and your employees. The best case scenario with a poorly maintained system is that it becomes inefficient, potentially costing you money and negating many of the benefits it otherwise grants you. Therefore, regular servicing is a must. At Askews, we’re happy to offer upkeep and maintenance as part of our core air conditioning services, using certified engineers to make sure that your retail outlet continues to benefit from all the advantages air con has to offer.