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The Basics Of How An Air Conditioner Keeps You Cool

Understanding the basics of how an air conditioner works can be more beneficial than you’d think, and it may surprise ...

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how air conditioning protects against heat stress feature image

How Air Conditioning Protects Against Heat Stress

Your air conditioning unit can play a more crucial role in maintaining employee health during the summer than you might ...

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leaking water uneven cooling common air conditioning problems feature image

Leaking Water, Uneven Cooling: Common Air Conditioning Problems

If you’ve been following our blog recently you may have seen our post on some of the most common air ...

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the most common problems with air conditioning systems feature image

The Most Common Problems With Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are quite complex systems, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of ways that they can ...

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how to tell if your air conditioning was incorrectly installed feature image

How To Tell If Your Air Conditioning Was Incorrectly Installed

Where your air conditioning system is concerned, correct installation is absolutely vital. Without the proper care and expertise, a malfunctioning ...

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common mistakes with air conditioning feature image

Common Mistakes With Air Conditioning

We’re experts in air conditioning here at Askews, and over the years our heating and cooling engineers have seen people ...

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key reasons to keep your office cool for summer feature image

Key Reasons To Keep Your Office Cool For Summer

Summer is arriving rapidly here in Britain – as it always seems to! As the weather starts to heat up, ...

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how you can save on your air conditioning running costs feature image

How You Can Save On Your Air Conditioning Running Costs

Your finances are an ever-present concern no matter your industry, and we understand that when it comes to installing air ...

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why fixing your air conditioning yourself isnt a good idea feature image

Why Fixing Your Air Conditioning Yourself Isn’t A Good Idea

When your air conditioning develops a fault, you might be tempted at first to have a go at fixing it ...

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turning your air conditioning back on for springtime feature image

Turning Your Air Conditioning Back On For Springtime

Now that summer is on the horizon and the climate is heating up, you may already be starting to turn ...

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